Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision, Mission and Objectives


To pioneer in applying E-Systems to participate in building society of knowledge


The provision of e-learning and distance education system based on qualified cadres and developed technological environment to provide various competitive educational services that meets the needs of society and labor market, and contribute to upgrading the culture of distance education.



1-    To build standardized administrative system to facilitate the application of e-learning and distance education systems.

2-    To train human resources to be able to apply and develop e-learning systems and distance education.

3-    Ensuring modern, integrated IT environment to meet the developments of e-learning and distance education.

4-    To provide distinctive distance education programs for community service.

5-    To develop competitive distance education programs to meet the needs of the labor market.

6-    To develop normal education programs at e-learning services to keep up with modern trends in teaching and learning

7-    To promote the culture of e-learning in Najran.