Coordination and Follow-up Department

Functions of the Coordination and Follow-up Department:

  • Prepare the annual plan of the Deanship and follow up its implementation.
  • Organization of correspondence issued and received and follow-up correspondence transferred to the competent within the Deanship and beyond.
  • Classification and archiving of general correspondence, reports and records of the Deanship
  • Providing administrative and technical support services to the departments  in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Coordination with the Deanship of Information and Communication Technology in hosting the applications of the Deanship.
  • Providing technical support services to the beneficiaries of the electronic services provided by the Deanship.
  • Supervising the Deanship website on the university portal, providing it with information and news, and supervising the Deanship's accounts in the means of social communication.
  • Providing the Department of Public Relations and University Media with news on the activities and achievements of the Deanship.
  • Respond to inquiries related to the work of the Deanship and coordinate the dates of meetings and internal and external visits.
  • Preparing brochures, pamphlets, instructional aids, electronic awareness messages and direct supervision of the learning resources and the periodic bulletin of the Deanship in cooperation with the other departments.
  • Preparing periodic reports and executive plans for the Deanship.


Dpartment members






Khaled alqahtani