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In compliance with policy of the higher education of KSA to involve the modern types of learning such as (e-learning, distance learning, and virtual learning ) besides the adoption and support of Ministry of Higher Education to the e-learning policy to reduce the challenges facing higher education in Saudi Arabia of a steady increase in number of students who are interested to join the postgraduate studies. Also on the basis of the recommendations of a workshop entitled" Activation of the documentation views presented by His Highness the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, may God protect him" which recommended for the establishment of specialized centers for education and electronic training in each university

On the light of the previous data, and looking to the limited possibilities of the University, besides the dire need to establish specialized centers to support the current and future activities of the University and for the planning and expansion of teaching electronic courses as well as the enormity of work and efforts required to keep on the scientific and academic value of the university , a specialized centre for e- learning has been established which has become the main requirement of many universities in Saudi Arabia

Mission of the Centre

Managing the e-learning of the university and ensuring the continuity of the work in such a way to be consistent with university policy in this aspect. The centre will support the academic and scientific position of the university and solve numerous problems of the university . It will contribute to the improving of teaching staff and students to the use of the modern technologies of learning.

Objectives of the Deanship

1. Managing the e-learning of the university
2. providing plan and developing courses in cooperation with the concerned departments
3. Providing the ongoing support for the university members to take advantage of e-learning services.
4. Putting necessary controls to ensure the quality in all programs offered by the center
5. Coordinating with other authorities inside and outside the university
6. Designing and implementing projects of e-learning

Organization of the Deanship

1.The center is linked directly to His Excellency, the rector of the university according to hierarchy given below
One of the teaching staff directed the center
2. A suitable place is assigned to the center, and supported with financial and human resources to enable the center accomplish its task and follow up the activities
3.The center comprises of many units which contribute to achieve objectives of the center, the units are as follows:
4. Management unit of e-learning system
* Academic registration unit
* Training and technical support unit
* Designing and programming unit
* E-learning library unit
* Evaluation and following up unit

Deanship Activities

1. Spreading and reinforcing the culture of e-learning at the university
2. Achieving the university objectives and e-learning attitudes
3. preparing the evaluated programs to review the activities of the center
4. Making the strategic plans to develop the activities so as to cope with the international standards
5. Forming executive plans and following up the process of implementation in coordination with concerned authorities of the university
6. Improving suitable tools and mechanism for data collection and also for analyses for using them in evaluating the work of the center and strengthening the scientific and academic experience.
7. Organizing and holding specialized courses and workshops for teaching staff and students in order to carry out the mission of the center.