Training Unit

Training unit

The training unit is one of the departments of the Deanship of e-learning and distance education, which is concerned with identifying the training needs of each faculty member and students at the university

One of the main goals is participating in the organization of training programs and follow up their implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of these programs in order to improve the professional aspect and raise their efficiency, through approved performance measurement indicators.


Objectives of the Training Unit:

The unit aims at contributing to the realization of the vision, mission and objectives of the Deanship of e learning and distance education in coordination with the faculties and deanships of the university to achieve the following objectives:

1. Continuous development of training programs.

2. Developing the capacity of faculty members to improve the quality of higher education outputs.

3. Developing cognitive abilities of students and raising awareness of e-learning systems.


Tasks of theTraining Unit:

1- Identifying the specialized training needs of faculty members, coordinators and students.

2 - Prepare a plan to develop the skills of the coordinators of the faculties and deanships, follow up their implementation, and evaluate the effectiveness.

3 - Encouraging faculty members to participate in attending courses, training programs and workshops.

4 - Cooperation with the departments and internal units in the Deanship to provide awareness programs and support necessary to achieve quality assurance strategies.

5 - Follow-up updating the site of the Deanship regarding the unit.


Memebers of the Unit:






Eslam Hassib



Dhafer Bahrar