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25 Male and Female Winners of NU Rector Awards for E-Learning

25 Male and Female Winners of NU Rector Awards for E-Learning

His Excellency NU Rector Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL-Hassan presented 'NU Rector Award for Excellence' in E-Learning' for male and female faculties and students, organized by the Deanship of E –Learning.  The Dean of E-Learning Dr. Yahya bin Suleiman AL-Hfezi said that creating this award aims to motivate university members and create competitive spirit among them to enrich the electronic learning process. Besides, it aims to recognize distinguished members in the field of e-learning and enhance concepts of excellence and innovation through specific criteria that assist faculties and students to activate electronic courses and follow clear mechanisms for stimulation and evaluation. The idea was derived from the National Center for E-learning called , Distinction Award in e-learning. He added that the number of male and female winners for the first session of the award were 25, all received cash prizes

As for the most prominent sections of the award, AL-Hfezi said that the first section is dedicated to colleges and academic departments, which reflect the belief of e-Learning Deanship in the major role of colleges to spread the culture of e-learning and elevating the educational process in the overall efficiency.  In addition, it aims to create appropriate environment in which faculties and students offering best practices in e learningThe second section is for faculties who meet several conditions of the award- the most important is to put full educational course in e-learning management system (LMS) and divide it into learning units. As to the third branch, it  has been allocated for students, who should meet some terms, among them  are  regularity in the doing tasks,  taking tests required in e--course, interaction and participation in the course with faculties and with and their classmates. Besides, the students should participate in offering ideas, projects and research that contribute to the development of e-learning at the university.