1. Setting mechanisms to estimate training needs in quality, teaching and academic research fields among the targeted employees in the University.
  2. Making an annual training plan involving a comprehensive specification of the programs that the Deanship provide.
  3. Providing distinct programs to be locally reputable unit that provides courses to other universities and civil society entities.
  4. Setting mechanisms that assess the training impact on performance quality and teaching process for NU's employees.
  5. Setting mechanisms of continuous development of the training programs provided by the Deanship.
  6. Improving faculty's developmental competencies to upgrade the quality of learning outcomes.
  7. Developing and improving academic and administrative leadership capabilities among the employees of NU.
  8. Preparing training cadres in the fields of quality and capabilities development.
  9. Developing and improving the skills of human resources in the scope of job.
  10. Conducting other tasks assigned by Dean of Development and Quality.